Bird necklace

I wanted to have a special piece of jewellery as a gift for my wife. After a bit of research I decided to do it on my own. Still having a bunch of tools from a former project it only needed a bit of material. A plate of 925 silver to be precise.

I created a template from an origami bird. Printed it out and glued it onto the silver sheet with simple paper glue.

Cutting the shape

A bit of sawdust later the rough shape is there.

I used some files and sand paper so smoothen the edges

Next was to transform 2D to 3D by bending the piece along the edges. I made this on a small anvil using a rounded hammer. One needs to be a bit careful not to hammer deeper markings into the material.

The finished piece before polishing

I used a micro drill together with matte polishing tip to give the surface a nice finish.

This is what the end result looks like.