The Tree of Life Pendant

The Tree of Life is a beautiful symbol. For a long time, I was racking my brain about what I could do for the birth of our daughter as a gift and souvenir for my wife. It should be something beautiful, of course. And also something unique. So it seemed like it was time to […]

Zehnder ComfoAir Bearing Damage Repair

It's just after Christmas. The days are quiet and relaxed. But an unpleasant noise comes out of the boiler room? After listening more closely, the culprit was quickly found. It came from our ventilation system. A Zehnder ComfoAir Q350. And obviously it is a bearing damage to one of the fans. The device emits a […]

Modern LED Schwippbogen

A self-made Schwippbogen. In the end, only the selection of the right parts was decisive. Frosted 5mm LEDs, brass tubes with 5mm inner diameter and a beautiful piece of wood with interesting grain. Zack, done. Well, some electronics, many cables, shrink tubing, drilling, milling, soldering, painting, oiling and gluing hot glue are also needed. But […]

Learning tower for our kitchen

We want to give our child an enthusiasm for the kitchen and cooking. Cooking together, for this a small person must first come to the work surface. A learning tower seemed to us to be an ideal tool. And to anticipate this, it has become indispensable for us. It has been in regular use for […]

Stop for the circular table saw

Recently I came to an UltiMaker Prusa i3 pro 3D printer. After the first gimmicks, the question quickly arose as to what you can actually do with a 3D printer. I had a concrete idea. After I had built a sliding table with a cross stop for my Bosch GTS 10 xc, I still lacked […]

Doll bed

Dolls also like to sleep in a bed. At least that's what my daughter says. So I built a bed for the doll. A fairly simple frame construction with a thin board as a slatted frame. I still had a board of ash wood, which was just enough for this project.