PDSH with groups file support on Mac OS
4. September 2019

One usually would install pdsh from homebrew but for some reason the groups file support was removed from the homebrew pdsh version some time ago. The groups file feature is pretty essential for pdsh usage.

Remote serial interfaces with socat
19. April 2019

I’m in the process of developing zcan, a software reading CAN bus messages from Zehnder ComfoAir Q series ventilation systems. I would like to streamline development on my laptop while the serial interface is attached to a micro PC close to the ventilation unit. That’s why I need a remote serial interface. Installation On Debian […]


Installing java the oracle way is somehow annoying and the Mac OS builtin java is also not that awesome. So I use homebrew for years to install java. The simplest approach is to just install it with ‘brew cask install java’ but this will install the latest available version. In my case this was java […]

Homebridge Apple HomeKit Adapter Service
19. September 2016

I’m actually testing on how to control things in a house or flat with Apple HomeKit. It seems to be a pretty nice solution as one would expect from apple but it takes time for the vendors to adopt. After googling around I found out that there are already some projects on github using the […]


I sometimes want to copy and paste content from the web which is styled in a proper way for the website but maybe not for the destination I want to paste it to. Imagine a Numbers table where you collect TV models and some information around them to make some kind of comparison. Normal paste usually brings the […]

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