Tool recommendations for remote work
2. April 2020

Some recommendations on tools that proved useful for remote collaboration. Obviously this is a thing in times of corona virus. Remote Retrospectives Video Conferences Google Meet (my favourite so far in terms of features and audio/video quality) Collaborative Whiteboards (I hear a lot of good things about it. seems to be nice)

Dynamic configuration in docker images
31. March 2020

There is this recurring topic of how to inject runtime configuration into an applications configuration. This is especially relevant while packaging of applications in docker images. Imagine an application expecting it’s configuration to reside in a file like /etc/myapp.conf. If you build a docker image for it you could add a config file on build […]

PDSH with groups file support on Mac OS
4. September 2019

One usually would install pdsh from homebrew but for some reason the groups file support was removed from the homebrew pdsh version some time ago. The groups file feature is pretty essential for pdsh usage.

Remote serial interfaces with socat
19. April 2019

I’m in the process of developing zcan, a software reading CAN bus messages from Zehnder ComfoAir Q series ventilation systems. I would like to streamline development on my laptop while the serial interface is attached to a micro PC close to the ventilation unit. That’s why I need a remote serial interface. Installation On Debian […]


Installing java the oracle way is somehow annoying and the Mac OS builtin java is also not that awesome. So I use homebrew for years to install java. The simplest approach is to just install it with ‘brew cask install java’ but this will install the latest available version. In my case this was java […]

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