One sometimes runs into problems with conflicting transitive dependencies. A dependency graph can help analyzing this. I use the sat-dependency-graph sbt plugin to help here. Just add to your plugins.sbt: addSbtPlugin(“net.virtual-void” % “sbt-dependency-graph” % “0.8.2”)   Running sbt task dependencyTree will do it: sbt dependencyTree If you like a bit more fancy, use the following to create a visual […]

Console JSON filtering with jq
10. June 2016

Consider a long list of JSON objects where you want to filter for different criteria. jq can be a big help here. See the following data: [ { “lat”: 50.559985870799224, “lng”: 8.478780446017911, “price”: 400, “dist”: 67.0682275804, “exposeId”: “1”, “ownerSsoId”: “100”, “rooms”: 2, “area”: 74 }, { “lat”: 50.58170215982231, “lng”: 8.45889590837296, “price”: 400, “dist”: 90.9399454663, “exposeId”: “2”, […]

Sending Mail without being considered SPAM
15. February 2016

Most websites will want to send mails one day. Usually people go the simple way and configure their CMS or whatever else to send mail using php’s mail() function. This works fairly well but without further work most of the mails being sent will be considered spam. This can have several reasons. Please ensure to do […]


I recently got an email of google informing me about a potential hack of a wordpress site I’m responsible for. It is presenting a massive amount of casino and cash load spam websites. Despite the fact that there is some kind of malicious code on my server, the loss of reputation for the website is […]


Running in a cloud always means some changes in mind in comarison to a static datacenter environment. Especially if you think about security and m2m trusts. Amazon AWS has some great features like IAM Roles to handle this in a cloud-native fashion, unfortunately only available for AWS services. In my opinion it is a damn […]

AWS CloudWatch Logs
1. October 2014

AWS recently released it’s barely new CloudWatch feature for log analysis in eu-west-1 and us-west-1. It was started in us-east-1 first and got a rollout over to ireland yesterday. After installation and configuration of a small daemon called awslogs, instance logs appear in the Webinterface quite fast. They can get divided into log-groups and streams. The interface is quite […]