AWS CloudWatch Logs
1. October 2014

AWS recently released it’s barely new CloudWatch feature for log analysis in eu-west-1 and us-west-1. It was started in us-east-1 first and got a rollout over to ireland yesterday. After installation and configuration of a small daemon called awslogs, instance logs appear in the Webinterface quite fast. They can get divided into log-groups and streams. The interface is quite […]

Install Ruby Gem in Users Homedir
11. August 2014

Sometimes it seems to be nice to install ruby gems only in users home instead of system-wide, even if this is configured to be in the rubyrc config. Check your configuration: gem env Install a gem in user home: gem install –user-install gem_name


If you need to install a specified version of a python module, you can use the following command to determine which versions are available (with ipython as example): pip install –no-deps –no-install ipython -v Installing is very simple. Just do the following: pip install ipython==0.13

SSH Key Management
20. May 2014

As it is with passwords, one may also have multiple ssh keys on multiple pc’s. I use subdirs in the ssh folder to maintain multiple ssh keys. The following example examines this for my github ssh key.