AWS Resource Groups
18. December 2014

Some days before, a new button raised in my AWS Console, simply named “AWS”. It contains a nice Tag Editor allowing you to find resources and tag them (but you shouldn’t do this by hand, automate it!). From my point of view, resource groups are the much nicer feature. You can create a group and assign […]

Python pip – update all packages
5. December 2014

Pip doesn’t have any build-in feature to update all installed packages to their latest version. Python-tools can help you here: pip install pip-tools pip-review –interactive  


Running in a cloud always means some changes in mind in comarison to a static datacenter environment. Especially if you think about security and m2m trusts. Amazon AWS has some great features like IAM Roles to handle this in a cloud-native fashion, unfortunately only available for AWS services. In my opinion it is a damn […]

AWS CloudWatch Logs
1. October 2014

AWS recently released it’s barely new CloudWatch feature for log analysis in eu-west-1 and us-west-1. It was started in us-east-1 first and got a rollout over to ireland yesterday. After installation and configuration of a small daemon called awslogs, instance logs appear in the Webinterface quite fast. They can get divided into log-groups and streams. The interface is quite […]

Install Ruby Gem in Users Homedir
11. August 2014

Sometimes it seems to be nice to install ruby gems only in users home instead of system-wide, even if this is configured to be in the rubyrc config. Check your configuration: gem env Install a gem in user home: gem install –user-install gem_name