Learning tower for our kitchen

We want to give our child an enthusiasm for the kitchen and cooking. Cooking together, for this a small person must first come to the work surface. A learning tower seemed to us to be an ideal tool.

And to anticipate this, it has become indispensable for us. It has been in regular use for almost 2 years. Especially when it comes to snacking on ingredients or rolling out any kind of dough, our daughter is always there.

The common solution is an IKEA hack. Countless Instagram posts show how to combine the IKEA BEKVM step stool with an ODDVAR wooden stool.

I found the solution practical and simple, but not very nice.

I took the BEKVM stool as a basis and built an attachment for it. For this I used planed softwood strips. I exchanged the original running boards for new ones made of oiled oak wood.

Finger tines for maximum stability

For the upper railing, I built a U by connecting the corners with finger tines. I made the tines with the help of a simple device on the circular table saw.

sawn cones

The railing is connected to the frame with slot and cones. I also made the cones on the circular table saw.

Pre-drilling of the slots

After pre-drilling, I worked the slots cleanly to measure with the help of chisels.

Groove for a railing in the middle

Holes for furniture screws and round dowels for fastening the attachment

The oak running boards

Protruding tines smooth planed and ground

The finished parts before painting or oiling

The finished learning tower

I find the combination of oiled oak with grey very beautiful. The round rod at the top is made of beech. It was still left and round bars made of oak are not exactly easy to find. At least not in the hardware store.