Christmas Tree

We were thinking for quite a while about a variant of christmas tree that on the one hand maintains the traditions we grew up with and on the other hand doesn't require a tree to die. I wanted it to at least have the very own esthetics of a typical tree. So a relatively popular assembly of rings hanging from the ceiling didn't feel right to me. Also many things I saw on pinterest felt just not right to me.

But then there was this one simple idea of just using rounded wood sticks to create a tree like structure sticked to me. I tried out some things and came up with a 1,5m high tree.

It took me roughly 4h to make it from scratch. Including a simple stand made from two pieces of scrap oak. It didn't receive any finish but just some sanding to remove the pencil lines and scratches. The big branches are not glued but just slide into the drilled holes tight enough. This way I can disassemble the tree for easy storage.

We bought some new micro LED fairy lights because traditional ones have quite thick wires that usually go unseen between the green branches of a regular tree. But for our new tree a much more light and unremarkable one looks just so much better.


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