How to install Python cx_Oracle on Debian
4. March 2015

I’m actually prototyping a product sync tool gathering entities from an oracle database (argh!) and creating them in a wordpress/woocommerce shop system. Python is my way to go and the cx_Oracle module helps getting in contact with an Oracle database. While it is relatively easy to install it on my OS X, it is a bit harder on Debian. The following steps brought me there:

Install prerequisites

aptitude install git python-dev

Create Oracle Instantclient Debian packages

I use to as a help convert rpm’s to deb’s.

  1. Download basic, devel and sqlplus instanclient packages from:
  2. execute the python script as described in the documentation
  3. export ORACLE_HOME env variable with f.e.:


export ORACLE_HOME=/usr/lib/oracle/12.1/client64/

Install cx_Oracle module

pip install cx_Oracle


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