Debian FTP Server for Webdevelopers
17. May 2013

Sometimes you may want to have ftp access to the www-root of a webserver for some developers or so. A simple way to do this is using proftpd and jailing your users into www-root directory Install aptitude install proftpd User creation and permissions First of all you have to create a user, developer f.e. This user […]

Getting started with git
9. May 2013

After using svn for some years, I would like to try a “new” approach. So I decided to migrate my repos to git and install something like a git server using gitolite. During the journey I was inspired by There were also some interesting facts about how to work with git on The Server Installation […]

Debugging Java SSL Connection Issues
22. April 2013

Testing SSL Connection download SSLPoke.class Start SSLPoke by invocing: java SSLPoke <host> <port> have a look at the error messages   Keystore Problems You can test a connection using a self-defined keystore to see if there is anything wrong with it. If this is successfull, the error should be on jvm-configuration. There might be a […]

Ad-Hoc Change Linux Shell Language
19. April 2013

If there is some strage language configured and you are unable to read or understand an error message, just write the following before your command directly in the shell: LC_ALL=C For Example: LC_ALL=C rpmbuild -bb SPECS/test.spec  

Zarafa 7 Groupware on Debian Squeeze
17. April 2013

Requirements debian 6 or 7 (as from zarafa 7.1.5) zarafa 7 (tested for 7.1.4 and 7.1.5 beta) mysql-server postfix apache2 php5 Install dependencies by invocing: aptitude install postfix mysql-server apache2 php5 locales Zarafa-monitor needs en_US.UTF-8, which could be a problem on differently localized systems. Just reconfigure it by: dpkg-reconfigure locales Installation Zarafa (manually) Download […]

iptables debugging
29. March 2013

Sometimes packets leave their line or get lost passing an iptables firewall. Even if you know what you do, there might be a typo or a single mistake in you iptables rules, driving you crazy. As I had to learn in the past years, there are several ways to see what’s going on. Logging blocked […]

MySQL Performance
22. March 2013

IO Performance measurement with bonnie++ To have a look at the performance, your storage devices has, bonnie++ is quite well. To write a file of 16 GB and see how fast it is, just do: sudo yum install bonnie++ cd /<destination> sudo bonnie++ -s 16000 Top for MySQL Sometimes it is quite nice to have […]

Linux Shell – some hints
1. February 2013

Search search for string in files recursively grep -R “Suchstring” *  search for string in stdout cat /var/log/syslog | grep ‘ERROR’  count lines in output cat /var/log/syslog | grep ‘ERROR’ -c search for a file recursively find . -iname “” search and replace string in multiple files (replace bike with car in all html files in […]

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